The Flat

Brooklyn, NY :: 308 Hooper St.


        The Flat is home to a state-of-the-art sound system with multi-tracking ability. The Flat is also available to rent for film/video and photo shoots and of course private parties.
We will not be doing any live shows as we no longer have a liquor license.

        For all booking inquiries Film/Video etc please contact: and/or

PA specs 

4x Shure SM58 mics

3x Shure SM57 mics

1x Shure Beta 52 Bass Drum mic

2x whirlwind DI boxes

1x radial DI

10 x XLR cables

6x 1/4" instrument cables

3x tall boom mic stands

1x tall straight mic stand

3x short boom mic stands

8ch XLR stage snake

1x Pioneer CDJ900

1x Pioneer CDJ900 Nexus

1x Pioneer DJM800 mixer

2x Technics SL1200mk2 turntables (DJs must bring own HEADSHELLS and SLIPMATS)

Rane SL-1 Serato box

KRK Rokit 6 booth monitor

 1x Behringer Xenyx 2442USB (FOH)

1x Lexicon MX200 multi-effects

2x 15” Yamaha BR 15M  400 watt stage monitors (fed via 2 aux sends)

1x DBX 640M system manager

1x DBX 266XL comp (inserts)

1x DBX 266XL (mains)

1x DBX 266XL (monitors)

1x DBX 231s graphic EQ (monitors)

Crown XTi4002 amp (FOH)

Crown Macrotech 1200 (satellites)

Crown CE2000 (monitors)

EV ELX115 500 watt main speakers

EV ELX112 300 watt satellite speakers

Alto Active 18" subwoofer